Just Forget

By Badria Hajjar

You know that feeling when everything is going wrong?
When you wake up to a gray sky and your day is just so long
When you plan everything, but your plans fall apart
When you expect too much and hope for it with all your heart
You know that feeling when everything is going wrong?
When the background music to your life becomes your hated song
When you are welcomed and greeted with nothing but bad news
When no one understands you even when walking in your own shoes
You know that feeling when everything is going wrong?
When you embrace the fact that you’re weak and never were strong
When you feel so crumbled, torn apart and sad
When all your good memories turn into a dream you once had
You know that feeling when everything is going wrong?
When you can’t help but feel disconnected, like you don’t belong
When you’re surrounded by waves of people but they’re not really there
When you are never heard and your words always vanish into thin air
Well just forget the days that were gray and so long
Just forget your plans that fell apart and went wrong
Just forget the bad news
Just forget the people who don’t get you even when walking in your own shoes
Just forget those days and forget how you felt
Remember they’re over, they’re gone; you succeeded you dealt
Just forget the harsh, bitter days that have passed you by
Just forget the years that were lost in a blink of an eye
Just forget all the people that talked about you and made you cry
Just let them go, they don’t deserve you and just say good-bye
Just forget the people that blamed you, mistreated you and let you down
Just forget the people that spent their time and days making you frown
Just forget the ones who have forgotten you
And know that you should forget them because they forgot you too
Just forget

Dear Ethnicity

 By Ghada Seifeddine


You handcuffed us, led us into the dark alleys of wars and spit into our ears words of segregation and melancholy. You told us that we were destined to live such a life where the cold metal bars break us into pieces of ourselves as we pressed against them, holding our hands out in an attempt to snatch what we could of freedom, including the air encompassing us. We knew damn well that what we hardly inhaled and exhaled behind those poles was too different than that which you owned, and used to breathe and laugh scornfully at our ragged clothes and thin skin. Our brothers curse you each time they are stopped at a foreigner’s airport for false suspicion of being men cloaked with danger. Our daughters are framed inside oppression, unable to move. Our daughters cry blood as they try to move on, but evidently fall, on your red carpet mounted with rose thorn. The unjust give you fabricated fame, crying in the name of the ancestors that fought to make you what you are. In the name of God, you are nothing more than a series of letters tied together in the tongues of those who thought they were doing nations a favor. In the name of God, you, dear ethnicity, do not exist. You do not exist as Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jew, Armenian or whatever names you have given yourself according to colors of horrible inequality, of black, white or yellow. They are names you have given to the foolish. You, cheap ethnicity, do not exist in the name of humanity, in the name of man. Should you determine whether people are to be accepted or not? Should you determine what people our daughters and sons ought to marry?  Or whether our God is the same as theirs, or what you call: the other?

Dear ethnicity: Give us the key of choice, and leave what remains of humanity alone.


جلست مندهشا اناظرها
من تلك الغريبة في منزلي
ظهري الى الوراء مستغربا
من تلك التي تحضر طعامي
لم ارى يوما معالم وجهها
لم اسمع يوما نبرة صوتها
هل هذه امي؟
هل هكذا تبدو؟
هل تلك التي كل صباح مدرسة
كانت تلفني بعباءتها
هل تلك التي كانت يدها تطعمني
بغمراتها تراضيني
بابسط الكلمات تعلمني اعمق الدروس
هل تلك التي جعلت من اربع حيطان خرساء
منزلا لي و لعائلتي
مرتبكا عدت الى طعامي
فزال تاملي
و اختفت الغريبة من منزلي
و عادت الحبيبة الى قلبي

Come to know

I am a hidden treasure. A treasure so vast I must be known.
So be... become...and come to know.

Incredible, and waiting to be known.

Keep looking, for you can never know Him enough.

Even when you think you've found the gold, dig deeper to find the diamonds ahead.

Even when you think you've found the chest, you've yet to open it to witness the treasure within.

It's not enough to know He is everywhere.


Through knowledge, He knows all there is to be know about all there is to be known.

He surrounds you through space and surrounds you through time

Everywhere...no beyond everywhere

He is so close, yet so far away, you need a lifetime to reach...

No one word can describe Him.

Keep looking, you can never know enough.

Just names,words, one human invention,  just a window.

 اسماء الله الحسنى

Just windows into an infinite world, mere treasure chests with treasure beyond our minds.

Keep looking, only time and life will tell you more. Look for his love in a mother's care. Look for his mercy in your own prayer.

Are you in pain? Well come to know. He wants to show you the treasure He is.

Keep looking, you can never know enough, even if you don't, it's not about how much you know by the end.

He just loves to know you live to find Him.